Redesign of the chocolate and tea ranges for Summerdown: a quintessentially British family business.

They’ve been growing, harvesting and distilling their very own Black Mitcham peppermint for almost three decades, all from their fimily farm in the Hampshire countryside.

They farm in a slow and sustainable way, and the land is alive and buzzing with wildlife, as well as a resident family of peacocks roaming the grounds. 

The packaging retained their signature ‘Summerdown green’ but has been given a complete makeover, with the ‘mint’ and wildlife adorning the sides and making their way on the front of the packs. The redesign made the brand more contemporary and appealing to a younger audience.

These photos are from a photoshoot which took place on the farm.

Created in collaboration with Nell Fane.

Photography: Rachel Warne

redesign of Summerdown chocolate and tea