organic toothpaste branding and packaging



Branding and packaging design for the revolutionary organic and vegan toothpaste ‘Boca’.

They offer two different formulations for day and night: energizing and calming.

Unlike ordinary toothpastes, made with harmful chemicals, both Boca blends are prepared with carefully selected all natural ingredients, such as peppermint, chamomile, aloe vera, valerian, stevia to name but a few.

These are celebrated by the designs, where paper cutouts of the botanical ingredients bring them to life. The tubes really stand out in the category, and unlike the rest, they are designed to look beautiful in the bathroom.

The toothpastes, are not only kind to your mouth but also to the planet, with a patent pending system which will allow the empty tubes to be reused.

Created in collaboration with Nell Fane.

Photography: Katie Hammond

organic toothpaste branding and packaging